Orange Then Blue
While You Were Out...While You Were Out... cover
GM Recordings 3028

"This recording captures the creative spirit of music. The compositions and orchestration support some of the most personal and outstanding young jazz musicians today. It's simply exhilarating for me to hear such a powerful yet intimate ensemble -- truly an outgrowth of the Ellington/Mingus tradition."
--Joe Lovano

  • Dave Ballou, Cuong Vu, Dave Douglas -- trumpets
  • Matt Darriau, Chris Speed, Bob Bowlby -- reeds
  • Rick Stepton, Peter Cirelli -- trombones
  • Mark Taylor -- French horn
  • Tim Ray -- piano & synthesizer
  • Paul Del Nero -- bass
  • George Schuller -- drums, percussion

Sound Clips

Disc 1
1. Scatter” (Chris Speed) 8:58
2. Kamikaze” (Mark Taylor) 6:17
3. Gankino Horo
(Traditional/Bulgaria, arranged by Matt Darriau)
4. While You Were Out...” (George Schuller) 9:33
5. Slow Boat to Mechanicsville” (Dave Douglas) 9:31
6. “La Partida” (C Bonet/Venezuela, arranged by Matt Darriau) 8:17
Disc 2
1. Evanscent” (for Gil Evans) (George Schuller) 15:44
2. Flypaper” (Dave Clark, arranged by Tim Ray) 7:59
3. Truth Is Marchin’ In” (Albert Ayler, arranged by Chris Speed) 8:17
4. Three Reels and an Air” (for Josie McDermott) (arr Matt Darriau) 9:14
5. Sequenz” (Brian Ales) 10:03
6. “While You Were Out...” (encore) (George Schuller) 2:31
Recorded on 7-10 July 1992 at The Banff Center for the Arts in Banff, Alberta, Canada.
Producer: George Schuller
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller

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