Orange Then Blue:
Where Were You?
GM Recordings 3012

WHERE WERE YOU? coverOn its first “live” recording, Boston’s most acclaimed little big band shows off the energy and groove that had made them local heroes. Joined by tenor sax late great George Adams, Orange Then Blue burns its way through over 70 minutes of music chosen from recent club and concert dates and recorded digitally.

Where Were You? features music of Charles Mingus, Paul Motian, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk (including the “scary” version of “Friday the Thirteenth“) and George Garzone.

George Adams, tenor saxophone
Matt Darriau, alto saxophone, clarinet,
soprano saxophone, slide whistle, pop guns
George Garzone, tenor saxophone
Dave Finucane, tenor saxophone,
soprano saxophone,
baritone saxophone, clarinet,
bass clarinet
Adam Kolker, soprano saxophone,
tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet
Roy Okutani, Andy Gravish,
Greg Hopkins, Ken Cervenka,
Matt Simon,
Rick Stepton, Curtis Hasselbring, trombone
Peter Cirelli, bass trombone, euphonium
Howard Johnson, tuba
Bevan Manson, keyboards
Bruce Barth, piano
Dave Clark, bass
George Schuller, drums, percussion
Russ Gold, percussion
1. New York Flash Pants (Garzone) 8:25
2. Orange Was the Color of Her Dress Then Blue Silk (Mingus) 6:37
3. U’n’l (Davis) 13:20
4. Song with Orange (Mingus) 12:12
5. The Owl from Cranston (Motian) 6:56
6. Ba-Lue-Bolivar-Ba-Lues-Are (Monk) 9:25
7. Friday the Thirteenth (scary version) (Monk) 12:48
Recorded on (#2, 4, 6) 3 May 1987 at Villa Victoria Cultural Center in Boston, Massachusetts, (#3, 5, 7) 31 October 1987 at Ryles in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and (#1) 20 March 1988 at the Fitzgerald Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller
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