Orange Then Blue:
Music for Jazz Orchestra
GM Recordings 3006

MUSIC FOR JAZZ ORCHESTRA coverOrange Then Blue features some of Boston’s finest jazz musicians. 

The members of the 12 piece ‘little’ big band, with special guest John La Porta on clarinet, let loose on original compositions by Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman and Thelonious Monk, including “Nostalgia in Time Square,” “End of a Love Affair” and “Think of Love.”

“60 plus minutes of sumptuously arranged, imaginatively interpreted jazz ... an artistic rarity.” —Boston Herald
John La Porta, clarinet
Orange Then Blue
Matt Darriau, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone,
baritone saxophone, flute, clarinet, Irish flute, penny whistles,
slide whistles
Dave Mann, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, clarinet
Adam Kolker, soprano saxophone,
tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet,
bass clarinet
Dave Finucane, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, slide whistle
Roy Okutani, Kerry MacKillop,
Tim Hagans, Tom Smith, Jeff Conrad, Paul Perfetti,
Bert Stranderg, Gary Valente,
Dave Harris,
Peter Cirelli, bass trombone, euphonium
Bruce Barth, piano, keyboards
Dave Clark, Bruno Råberg, bass
George Schuller, drums, percussion
Pat Hollenbeck, percussion
1. Balkan Bounce” (Matt Darriau) 7:34
2. Nostalgia in Times Square” (Charles Mingus, arr Roy Okutani) 9:40
3. End of a Love Affair
(E C Redding, M Laub, arr Adam Kolker)
4. Attila the Hun” (George Schuller) 11:25
5. Friday the Thirteenth” (Thelonious Monk, arr Gil Evans) 7:08
6. “Java Man” (Bruce Barth) 8:14
7. “Think of One” (Thelonious Monk, arr Bruce Barth) 7:56
8. “Ornette’s Muse”
(Based on a theme by Ornette Coleman) (Matt Darriau)
9. “African Folk Song” (Senegalese folk song, arr Matt Darriau) 5:50
Recorded on (#5) 28 May 1985 at Splice of Life in Brighton, Massachusetts; (#3) 9 December 1985 at North Shore Music Center in Beverly, Massachusetts;   (#1, 4, 6, 9) 24 February 1986 and (#2, 7, 8) 25 March 1986 at Blue Jay Recording Studios in Carlisle, Massachusetts. 
Producer: George Schuller
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller
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