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"Even in a cut-down edition, Orange Then Blue is a formidably impressive band... Those angular, gritty sounds in their ears, give their arrangements and improvisations a boundary-pushing boldness and an authority that compels attention. They also swing hard, the one component that binds all their wildnesses together with the tension of a powerful musical center of gravity."
The Chronicle-Herald (Halifax)

Down from the twelve-piece, this lighter eight-piece version brings together the same concepts of its larger cousin with a hint of the old and new, a smattering of the left and right, and a heavy dose of the immediate now. Orange Then Light Blue continues its trek across musical boundaries trafficking "in wild avalanches of sound with a rare combination of wit and ferocity."

Far-reaching, but never beyond arms length, Orange Then Light Blue has developed a vast repertoire of surprisingly original compositions inspired by the spirit of the jazz masters (Gil Evans, Mingus, Monk, Ellington, Miles, Ornette and Albert Ayler).  They have also drawn upon a host of world sources that include Bulgarian chorales, Irish reels, and folk music from Eastern Europe, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela.  "When a band as culturally diverse as Orange Then Blue takes the stage, you don't need a playlist.  Instead, bring a good atlas."

p-otb-saxes.jpg (17436 bytes)Orange Then Light Blue features Matt Darriau and Andy Laster (reeds), Dave Ballou (trumpet), Tom Varner (French horn), Tim Ray (piano), Rufus Cappadocia (cello), Lindsey Horner (bass) and George Schuller (drums).

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