George Schuller:
482 Music 482-1026
1) Ripe 9:23
2) Punta d'Blues 7:57
3) Band Vote 1:59
4) Distant Cousin 6:53
5) Tip Jar 9:44
6) Comeuppance 8:49

7)Tense (Suite) a) Pre-Tense b) Tension c) Past Tense

8) Band Vote (The Recount) 1:32



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Dave Ballou , trumpet; Tony Malaby, soprano & tenor sax; Mark Feldman, violin; Matt Darriau, clarinet, bass clarinet and tenor sax; Curtis Hasselbring, trombone & guitar; Howard Johnson, bass clarinet & tuba; Ed Schuller, bass; George Schuller, drums, cymbals, bells and things you shake.

All compositions by George Schuller (Schulldog Music/BMI)

Recorded at Sound & Sound (1998) and at The Studio (2000), New York, NY

Schuller's latest showcases his ability to build a focused, inclusive framework for an all-star cast of creative improvisers in combinations ranging from quintet to septet.

Conceived as an extension of his long-standing quartet, The Schulldogs, JigSaw incorporates the sounds and textures of additional horns and strings on original tributes and abstract reinventions of works by Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, and George Russell, as well as retoolings of familiar Schulldog pieces from previous recordings.

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"JigSaw is yet another recording that will have to be filed in the jazz section, but which is really an addition to that growing, imaginary section that might be called "third stream". While Schuller and company have not invented any earth-shattering new forms here (who's doing that in jazz anyway?), JigSaw is worth a listen.......Catch Schuller live with his band, the Schulldogs, and hear how thequalities inherent in JigSaw come to bright life in performance." — Ty Cumbie (AllAboutJazz)

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